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urb▓an jobs were created over the past five years. Urban pe▓r capita annual disposable income rose from 7,703 yuan▓ in 2002 to 13,786 yuan in 2007, and rural per capita annual net income rose from 2,476 yuan to 4,140 yuan during

the same ▓period. The basic framework for a social safety net for both urban and rural areas was put in place. The number of people living in poverty was reduced every year. All these improvement

s fully demonstrate that during the past five-year period great strides were made in carrying out reform and opening up and building a moderately prosper▓ous society in all respects. During this time the productiv

overnment. Gre

ater efforts were ma

e forces and overall national s▓trength were significantly improved, social program

de to safeguard people's r

s were comprehensively developed, people received even greater benefits and China's intern

ights and interests an

ational standing and influence constantly grew.According to NASA Basics of Spa

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ce Flight, their investment in deep space exploration can produce a pulling effect of 1:100. We haven?/p>


€檛 conducted detailed demonstration of this effect, but the technical progress needs that can b


e seen show a broad prospect. Deep s▓pace exploration may play a driving role in the following aspect

le's living standa

Flower and bee

s: In science: &▓#61601; To create, perfect and deepen lunar science (luna▓r geology and lunar physics research)  To

promote comparative planetology development =601; To conduct research on extraterrestrial space environment  To create planetary g

eodesy and cartography  To▓ promote remote sensing theory, methodology, engineering, practice and interplanetary remote sensing  To conduct deep research on terrestrial planets  To

rds improved significantly


promote research on origin and evolution of Eart▓h-Moon-sun system  To explore extraterrestrial life In technical e

conomy:  New concept launch vehicles  Remote data transmission a▓nd communication  New fields of automatic control and 

navigation  Unconventional materials  Micro▓wave/millimeter wave transmission and remote sensing ; Trace and non-destructive analysis techniques  ▓Artificial int

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